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The Cycle

It’s late March and, as every March, I was engaged in re-arranging my modest library (roughly, 400 titles)…

I used to sort books by color, and it certainly was not necessary to get them all off the shelves and back again with some slight changes. It was, as it always is, a need. Something psychological. Even if I had no new books to add I would still feel the urge to move the owned ones on different shelves, in different groupings. I find the process joyful and calming and usually end up spending a whole day with books, browsing and remembering the atmosphere of the story, remembering how I got the particular title, reading notes on the last page, reading some paragraphs, smelling the scents, feeling their smooth covers or old rugged ones…

This spring, however, I decided to abandon the color organization because it doesn’t feel familiar anymore. The big bookcase now holds literature magazines, and literature grouped by author’s nationalities: British and American, Russian and Slavic, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Latin-American, Japanese and the Other (containing few titles of Dutch, Finnish, South African and old Indian literature). The smaller one, above the bed, holds fairy tales and children literature, Scandinavian literature, e-books printouts (I broke some rules, I confess), hand-copied! books and some favorites (Homer, Austen, Auden, Eco..). Further on, a cabinet next to the reading corner contains books on philosophy and literature theory as well as various language learning materials and dictionaries. And, on top of the cabinet, there are some high school textbooks, mainly on mathematics, physics, and biology to which I’m sentimentally attached due to my unrealisable dream of becoming an astrophysicist or botanist.

So, books bought during the cold months which have been laying patiently on the table, on the chairs and the floor are now assigned to their places in the bookcases.

Waiting for the April Book Fair newcomers…


4 thoughts on “The Cycle

  1. What a wonderful place of books you evoke, I love it, from the ordered on the shelves to haphazardly strewn books. I love it and the dictionaries, yes everyone needs dictionaries plural. How I would love a nosy around your shelves!

    1. I find dictionaries quite amusing.. The huge ones, of course. The Penguin English Dictionary, for example. It’s like a rhizome labyrinth – I love it!

      I’m planning to add a list of books I own as well as those wanted.. so, you will have the chance to check it out. :)

      1. If you are still interested, I have added my humble library… At first I wanted to attach excel document but decided it’s better to update my old Shelfari profile. There are some titles missing, but the main course is on the table.

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