For days now I wanted to write on the subject but was both lazy and overpowered by high temperatures. However, I could ignore it no longer since the very book (or rather one of three books) I thought about came to my door and rang the bell early this morning.

First I just held the package for a couple of seconds, enjoying the anticipation. Then I tried to feel the content through the thick paper wondering if it’s a book or something that resembled it. At this point, it was indicated to me that the other side of my precious object says “book”. I tore the top of the envelope, peaked inside and saw some bugs (“Nooooo!”). I pulled it out (“YES IT IS!!”), and was so overwhelmed with excitement that I started laughing and (I’m not sure why) screaming, which brought both of my sisters into the room to see what on Earth caused such a fuss.

Well, the fuss was all about the favorite book I haven’t read yet! – Durrell’s My Family and Other Animals. Perhaps this sounds a bit silly but it actually is not. At least in my case, it isn’t…

In my early teens, I saw a BBC adaptation of My Family and simply fell in love with everything about it. I fancied every single minute spent with this odd family and was particularly drawn to Gerald due to his interest in nature. Later on, I found out there was a book and I immediately knew it would be highly rewarding, a favorite. I desired it ever since but, strangely, never actually borrowed nor bought it. Now it’s mine thanks to Nesi! Herzlichen Dank, meine liebe Freundin!

Other two favorite, but not yet read books are Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn and Ford Madox Ford’s Parade’s End. The beautifully animated story of the last of the unicorns was one of my favorite movies when I was a child. Just recently, a couple of months ago, to be honest, I found out it was based on a book and thought how mesmerizing the text must be – now it is waiting, of course, on to read pile… With Parade’s End it’s a bit different – I did see the series aired last year but I also started reading it. The words and the style enchanted me, and I had to stop and wait until I get a physical copy. I couldn’t continue reading it on the computer screen.

I still haven’t bought it.


6 thoughts on “Favorites

  1. I have My Family and other Animals…happy days, not read it yet but I think I will have to as you rate it so. I believe it is part one of The Corfu Trilogy, this is awesome. I look forward to checking out the other as well. I always have a smile on my face when I come here.

    1. I am very glad to hear that. (:
      Having just finished ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ I’m now finally ready to start ‘My Family’. I am already smiling and giggling about it!

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