A Reading Hiatus

Past couple of days haven’t seen me reading a single paragraph. (I did, however, listen to an audiobook, for the first time… I will get back to this on some other occasion, maybe). The hiatus certainly has something to do with an ongoing Chamber Music Festival and my youngest sister’s coming back from vacation, but the true reason lies in the reading itself, that is – in reading too much, starting too many books.

A few weeks ago I began re-reading the second part of Little Women but due to my anxiousness to peek into the Book Fair purchases I left it waiting and took Sei Shōnagon. After reading only a few pages I suddenly felt the urge to read Saint-Exupéry’s Wind, Sand and Stars first – dark blue cloth hardcover with golden letters was simply too hard to resist. I did finish it. As well as Moominsummer Madness, which nonchalantly jumped right into this tangle. But then, instead of going back to Alcott or Shōnagon, I grabbed Johan Bojer’s Guilt from the shelf and was just about a half way into it (again) when I borrowed Dear Theo, Van Gogh’s letters to his brother. I put these aside too, for Alan Jacobs’s The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction caught my attention. I was half way through it when I noticed I was forcing it… I made a mess, I had to admit.. I tangled myself in too many

I made a mess, I had to admit. I tangled myself in too many texts. It is not that none was appealing enough to hold my attention. Quite the contrary. I could not focus on one because I opened them all and let their voices out and now they’re all calling for me…

Instead of biting my way through branches I decided to wait for them to loose the grip,  to give myself another day or two and then resume the relationship with the one that proves itself the most persistent.


4 thoughts on “A Reading Hiatus

  1. When this happens it’s a nightmare, you are wise not to force it though, a step back is good so you don’t regret getting knee deep in a book and then realising you made the wrong choice again.

    The Moomins! Never read any of the books but loved the old TV series, the sinister early 80’s one, not the cartoon. Fond memories, as always you make me wish to hunt out new (and old) stuff.

    1. Or getting knee deep in and realizing I read with minimum attention invested and cannot truly recall what I was reading about..
      Oh, which series do you have in mind?.. Stop motion animated ones? Japanese ones (
      I’ve seen the latter and had such a wonderful time.. They are still being broadcasted every year or two and I cannot help turning on the TV for an episode.. or more..
      Just recently I started reading books.. I do wish I read them before seeing the series for, in my mind, they are somewhat overshadowed by them – I had a hard time visualizing scenes because the ones from the series were already there, imposing themselves readily..

  2. I haven’t seen the 90’s one although I do hear it is the most popular, the one that I watched was, I believe originally a polish production and then taken ovdr by the Germans and Austrians. I may have a look through one of the books, as luckily my memory is dimmed by to much growing up and I need to revert to a more carefree and happy attitude that has adventures in it.

    1. And I will have a thorough look at these series. I’ve seen only a couple so far – there is a certain warmness to them, the opening tune is pretty and the colors are marvelously rich and inviting..
      I love the Japanese Moomins (especially the synchronized adaptation on our television for making characters so distinctive – their voices and ways of talking were really well imagined and brought to). My sisters and I still curse like Moominpappa fixing the broken lighthouse mechanism if something is not working the way it should. It is highly amusing and stress-reducing..
      You will love the books, I’m positive.

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