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Murder Room

THURSDAY. Spent yesterday rearranging the detective fiction. We’ve put it up in the guest bedroom, now to be known as the Murder Room“, writes Alberto Manguel in his Reading Diary.

I find this most amusing – a guest bedroom called Murder Room! A guest Murder bedRoom in a medieval presbytery renovated into a house! I wonder how his friends felt sleeping in it; wonder if they had dreams of violence and death. Too bad he wrote nothing about that.

I never thought about the possibility of having books all around the house. I always imagined one single, relatively small room, called Library.. with books from floor to ceiling, dark wood shelves.. a reading nook by a large window looking into the garden or down the valley.. a desk.. a dark red carpet with stylized blossom branches.. a cozy armchair (or a rocking chair?) in a corner, coffee table besides it and a pretty lamp.. Of course, one of the shelves would prove to be a door leading into the small bedroom which too would host few shelves with favorites..

But, I like Alberto’s idea.. Only, my guest bedroom would be filled with all sorts of Fantastic literature.. Tolkien next to Hoffmann, Irving besides Poe. Bulgakov, Terry Pratchett, Ursula Le Guin sharing a shelf with Peter S. Beagle and Algernon Blackwood. Neil Gaiman. Irmelin Sandman Lilius leaning on Hans Christian Andersen, brothers Grimm and Perault. Bram Stocker, Catherynne Valente.. Well, J.K. Rowling, too.. A pile of folktales from all around the world… It would be a room of fairies and elves, ghosts, mermaids, trolls, gnomes, leprechauns, unicorns, griffins, and dragons – all living among the covers.. waiting for you to open the book, to grab you and pull you inside..

I wouldn’t know how to name it, though… The room, that is… I’m bad at giving names.


4 thoughts on “Murder Room

  1. How about just…The Room, it sounds dramatic. Can I come and stay at yours, please? I wouldn’t be any trouble, in fact I probably wouldn’t leave much and be very quiet. although I would show my face from time to time so we could have a chat.

    1. Why, of course.. If, that is – when! I get hold of a humble home of my own, and of The Room in particular, I will send you an invitation and hope for a visit.. I would certainly leave you be with books but would occasionally have to knock to see if you are still in there (maybe you disappeared inside of one of them) and if you are in the mood for a meal or some tea.. And a chat always goes well with food.

  2. I would bring more books to yours of course, which would make you happy. I would hunt for obscure and old copies of course. I think we would have the perfect time…books, chats and food. The perfect combination.

    1. Seeing my library grow is one of most favorite enjoyments. And books of your choice would always be very happily welcomed..
      Naturally, I would always have a book-gift for you – to remember the time spent together and to make you come to visit again.

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