Private library

There is something extraordinarily liberating and exciting about being let loose in such a place, allowed to wander, pick out this and that, read a bit here, a page there, take out the book, then wander to another bay in search of something related to it. It is the self-education among books that few people, now, are privileged to have.

Susan Hill

A big home library was always a great fascination of mine. Ever since I first read about one – Aunt March’s library in Little Women… Never before the idea of one person having his or her own library in his or her own house had crossed my mind! It was the most fantastic thing! And Jo inherited it!…

Being a black sheep in the family can be pretty disappointing – if one is prone to disappointments. Not having anyone to inherit a book from was not a big deal. Besides, it was more than good enough for me that Jo got the library because I “was” Jo.

Sometimes I ask myself why do I want to have my own library. I know it was never a question of possession, of a simple desire to own a bunch of books… I found a part of an answer in Susan’s words – to be able to “pick out this and that, read a bit here, a page there” in the morning, in the middle of the night, whenever I wish to; to climb the small ladders (or a chair) and take out as many as I want; to read them standing on that very chair if I wish to and to feel free to leave them open, on the floor, knowing they’ll be waiting patiently exactly where I left them.. But, it is not just the matter of having books always at hand. Part of the magic is in the place (the room) itself – it gives joy and solace. It is a refuge. It is a place of peace and reflection… And it is a time-machine.


Thank you, Ste, for a shot of motivation. If it wasn’t for it, I would’ve left the writing for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow… Or maybe I would have procrastinated for another two weeks.

7 thoughts on “Private library

  1. Always happy to badger you into writing. I do like your words and thoughts, you have a romantic air about your book musings.

    I do love the feeling of a sanctuary, a refuge, just a place to sit and muse without even picking up any tome. I like to run my fingers down the spines or just look at them and relive the stories and where I was and what I felt when I read them.

    I know that your library is going to be immense and full of wondrous books. I am giddy at the thought of it!

    1. Oh, I hope it will be. I know I will do my best to make it grow and to enjoy the process. And when the day to name an inheritor comes I hope there will be one book enthusiast among my nieces and nephews..

      I can relate to your sentiments about books. Touching spines. Looking at them and thinking about the stories they hold and the atmosphere and feelings they once invoked. Moments of pure enjoyment…

  2. The process is as much of a part of the whole library business, I love the choosing of the covers and wondering where will it best fit in. Do you favour an orderly approach? I used to but got quite enamoured with just sticking books in anywhere and seeing the intriguing combinations of ideas and stories that sit together…it’s fun to notice things and the more I read, predictably the more everything fits together better and opens my eyes to new perspectives on the books.

    1. I think I always had some kind of order. First, it was the color. Which cannot properly be called an order, I think. So, that is as close as my library system could get to yours.. Now, I have it arranged by languages (literature) and subjects – philosophy, literature and art theory, history and so on.. How will it be in five years time, I cannot be sure.. But, I am sure there will be some kind of order.

      Nevertheless, I am drawn to your way too. Wish I could apply it myself but my metabolism is not capable of it..

      Hey, what happened to the link to your blog? Clicking on your name takes me to my Reader page..

      1. I have no idea, as far as I am aware it was working fine…I will have to have a look at that in due course.

        I think however you order your books, they are downright fascinating to look ar and a world of joy is waiting for all who encounter your collection.

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