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I read, therefore…

Previous weeks were hard. I was not so busy as not to have a good amount of leisure time, though. The problem was that I had no inclination to use it well. Instead, I just fooled around – thinking about things of no importance, watching Japanese samurai movies and playing online games. Every thought of reading (anything at all) or writing (even a sentence) was almost odious.

Of course, these states are very unwelcome. I think having a ‘regular’ job is already taking its toll, turning me into some kind of a machine… I was like those people in Fahrenheit 451, brainless, empty…

Being, on a daily basis, around so many people, makes me feel detached from myself, alienated. I then need even more time alone and, mostly, I don’t get it until I proclaim the isolation, since every day or two one friend or the other calls and suggests a night out or some other kind of socializing. It doesn’t matter if I would decline or accept the invitation, my peace of mind is disturbed by the mere act of receiving the call. I am pulled out of my ‘atmosphere’ and the process of recovery has to start afresh.

Only when I manage to regain my basic harmony am I ready to read. And reading is an important phase of the recovery process. It rebuilds the connections with my own self, it keeps me in touch with my thoughts and worldviews and it gives me food for further personal development. It brings me back to home.

So, back to reading!


5 thoughts on “I read, therefore…

  1. This is coincidence but I have been off of the blogging world for a week with the same malady. I wasted my time watching Battlestar Galactica and playing Rome Total War to the detriment of writing and reading Dickens…I shall be joining you reading again and the world will become a brightish place once more.

    1. The malady is overcome and that is a mighty good thing – all’s well that ends well, as they say..
      You are returning to Dickens. May I know the title?
      I am starting ‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’. I have heard it mention so many times but know nothing about it.

      1. I’ve never come across it at all and will avoid doing so until I read your words about it first.

        The Uncommercial Traveller is my latest read, something a bit different from the great man and something less read I think which always makes me happy to offer an insight into such works.

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