Depth, Complexity, Quality

A Celebration of Reading

I ran across this college handout a dozen years ago and I liked Professor Lye’s simple, clear evaluation of what makes literature good. I know there are many answers to this question and arguments are legion. Right now, I have worked abundance of bodily fluids appearing in the text to my personal definition of good literature. It’s often a very personal thing.

But despite the personal angle, there are examples of good literature (great even) that are often vilified by those readers who rely on personal experience to evaluate a book. I can’t tell you the number of serious students who dismiss Shakespeare a fuddy-duddy that no one reads any more (except college professors).

So this is for me a good start at defining the things that make literature good.

Depth, Complexity, Quality

A common way of identifying the qualities that characterize literature as ‘good’ is through the concepts of depth

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