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where there are lamps on window sills..

Guilt is the feeling of the week. Again.

This time, in addition to feeling guilty for not writing for so long, I am guilty of buying books and feeling (a bit) guilty for doing so. Somehow I thought I would be able to put the book-buying on hold until the final week or two of this visit. Funny thing to think it possible, really…

Well, to be precise, it could have been possible only not probable.

nya bökerThe first second-hand book shop that came my way made me give in!.. On one hand, who could blame me – I saw so many titles that had been waiting on the wishlist for quite a while. Therefore, missing the opportunity to have them this cheap would be considered madness. On the other hand however, I am now going to have some problems with baggage.. With all the gifts I am planning to get (plus more books?) a need of another, bigger travel bag will inevitably present itself. Which consequently means it will be necessary to rearrange baggage details of the returning flight..

But, lets leave worrying about it aside for a couple of months.. Now on to the bunch:

  • Angels & Insects – A.S. Byatt
  • The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency – Alexander McCall Smith
  • Kafka on the Shore – Haruki Murakami
  • Memories of Mårbacka – Selma Lagerlöf
  • Flowering Nettle – Harry Martinson
  • Martin Birck’s Youth – Hjalmar Söderberg
  • The Book About Blanche and Marie – Per Olov Enquist
  • Simon and the Oaks – Marianne Fredriksson
  • The Crows – Tomas Bannerhed

5 thoughts on “where there are lamps on window sills..

  1. A nice mix, some I am familiar with but more excitingly unknown works that I must delve into like a treasure hunter in the Andes and that elusive Inca treasure. I hate the limited amount of room that can be had on flights…although the Magna Carta got its own first class seats to America so there is very slim hope yet.

    1. I was thinking about sending the books home on their own.. But I’m afraid they wouldn’t make it. So, back to plan A – a bigger baggage!
      Actually, the company I’m flying with is very generous with the room available for one’s bags – you can have either small cabin baggage (no fee) or large one (for 15 Euros) and up to 6! pieces of checked-in baggage (weighing no more than 32 kilos) which, of course, come with the larger sum of money – 30 Euros each.. So, it’s all about the money. Pay and you’ll have it all!

  2. I never trust books out of my site…I am okay with hardbacks in the case as they are more durable but any book that may get its corners creased stays with me at all times…it’s a worrying business this flying…keep them close, it’ll make your journey less fraught!

  3. Yes, definitely best to leave the worrying aside….. and just bask in the pleasure of those new found joys! ;) It’s such a joy to be able to bring back books from trips because every time we look at those books we are reminded again of the time and place we were once at, even long after our return. I tried lugging home 30+ books once, from one of my trips. It was really quite a back-breaking business, but oh, what joy! :)

    1. I feel much better now! I bought another three! :) And a new travelling bag, of course… and I can’t wait to see them on my shelves! It will be such a joy, all right!
      With me, it doesn’t always happen to be ‘the time and place’ but sometimes the atmosphere, the happy moment I found the book – when there was only it and me, when the decision was made to take it home.. and when I look at it, after months, years, a flash of that feeling comes back to me and brings out a smile..

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