Living in a Library

At the moment I am residing in a room assigned to be both the guestroom and the library.

The first thought, the question actually, that came to my mind was – don’t you already have something similar in your own house? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, it is a common room, with a couch big enough to be used as a bed, a sofa in front of the tiny window with a lamp towering above it, and there’s a simple, small desk with an accompanying chair. There’s nothing else, except for books, of course. It looks like an ordinary room, but it’s what’s lacking that’s making a big difference – there are no objects of personal significance. It almost feels empty, forgotten, as if no one’s been here for years, decades even, and the room’s been gathering dust and hosting spiders. Deep, almost tactile silence reigns here. The pale eggshell color of the shelves and the floor only enhances this atmosphere of timelessness. Simultaneously, it’s making the books in their colorful covers look tall and dominant.. And demanding. As an old-fashioned teacher standing, with his hands tied behind his back, above the student working on a paper, observing him patiently.

I read all the titles on these shelves but, curiously, had no wish to read the books themselves. Instead, I got an urge to write, to devote myself to postcards, e-mails, and blogs I have been seriously neglecting for weeks now.

I cannot say it’s inspiring, though.. the room that is. It’s just making me want to write.


5 thoughts on “Living in a Library

  1. ‘Almost tactile silence reigns’, I love that and totally understand where you are coming from! Sometimes books are great at inspiring writing…go for it my friend, create and enjoy.

    You evoke such a great picture of this library, I want to go there now…personal objects in a library…I don’t know as that would bother me too much as the personal objects would be the books…even if they weren’t mine, I’d be connecting with them.

    1. My last day in the guestroom/library I was going through some books on nature and travel and, in one of them, I’ve found a family photo of a man holding a baby, plus an old postcard of Gothenburg. It was an unexpected pleasure. So, there were personal objects there, only hidden. :)
      Now I wonder if any of the other books contained similar pieces of history..

        1. Ooh.. It’s really beautiful! I’ve read all your posts but I cannot recall this one so, thank you for linking it. :)
          If you were in a movie, you would be setting on a quest to find out the whole story.

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