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to hell with titles

Having read a dozen of pages or so, I had to admit defeat and let the book wait for more suitable times. My mind, after the day-long fights to teach unwilling children, has been too exhausted, continuously failing to properly engage in such a text. The decision to abandon it was enforced by a particular feeling, a suspicion I don’t get to acknowledge much often, which is: The Sea, The Sea might prove to be worthy of an appointment to the Favorites Shelf.. The anticipation and hope give me much pleasure; as much as having the book near the bed and casting a glance at its cover whenever I’m around.

As I’ve said, the week was very trying and tiring (and these two days too short to fully restore my strength), but, whenever an opportunity arose I did my best to put everything (even the torturing thought of a neglected blog) aside and ensconced myself in Angela Thirkell’s “good bad books”. They have been the most devoted guardians of my sanity and I cannot begin to tell how happy I was to have them always by my side… Out of precaution, their contract has been extended for another week.

High Rising was an introductory one. August Folly and The Brandons followed respectively and, today, I finished Wild Strawberries. Every one of them brought heaps of joy and I particularly appreciated Thirkell’s witty observations on human nature (recognizing myself in some of them).

There will be time to write about Barsetshire series; soon, I hope. Right now, I am not feeling able to give the books a proper thought. I need more restoring…


3 thoughts on “to hell with titles

  1. I have much sympathy with you as I have been feeling the same, perhaps we have some sort of psychic link…I am hoping that we both feel up to it soon. It’s that time of year though…

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