Dewey’s Readathon. Entry No.3 – Wrapping it up (poorly, with considerable delay)

11066779_10205570030361800_296480927274532379_nThe intention was to write a post on each of the stories read during the event. As it usually happens, I was not very keen on writing. Time passed and the right moments are all gone now. Embarrassingly short notes (or embarrassing short notes – works either way) remain the only option. So.. Besides

I’ve read:

  • The Sun Hat. Kjell Askildsen – minimalistic, strong
  • Hungry Stones. Rabindranat Tagore – mixed thoughts; lyrical, atmospheric, but it doesn’t leave me wanting to read more (at least not now)
  • The Garden Party. Katherine Mansfield – excellent! more, please!
  • A Romance With Double Bass. Chekhov – what can one say about Chekhov? cheerfully sad
  • Diary of a Madman. Nikolai Gogol – powerful, chilling, sad; what can one say about Gogol?
  • The Great Yellow Storm. Bo Carpelan – very interesting, very interested to read more

To be honest, I am not completely satisfied with myself this Readathon. The main reason is that, while trying to connect with the community, I was not as invested in reading as I would have liked to have been.. (this doesn’t sound right, something is rotten about this construction) Nevertheless, it was a great (holi)day.

The morning was spent at the book fair. The most disappointing book fair so far. However, just when I thought I would be leaving without a single book bought (it never happened before), I found these three beautiful Penguins that made me quite, quite happy. 10686676_10205569808036242_2301602644686431601_n


7 thoughts on “Dewey’s Readathon. Entry No.3 – Wrapping it up (poorly, with considerable delay)

  1. I absolutely love your first photo, it’s the perfect book set up. You’ve been missed my friend and it is good to have you back, I’ve yet to read Diary of a Madman but it does sound like a cracking book, I picked up The Summer Book by Tove Jansson a few months ago, I remember thinking you’d be proud of me for such an acquisition.

    1. Have you, really? That’s wonderful!!
      What a coincidence – I finished reading it just couple of days before you wrote this message (I’m now trying to write a little something about it) and I loved it. I am sure you will enjoy it as well.

      It is nice to be missed, sometimes, and it’s definitely good to be back. I missed being here and I missed my small group of blogging friends. :)

      1. I enjoyed it to a point but Sophia annoyed me and that did take the shine off it for me, although maybe I was being overly harsh in hindsight. You are one of the bloggers in my ‘Proper faves’ blog folder and that’s an exclusive list. I always miss your words when you disappear and you really do need more fans than you already have my friend.

        1. Ah, Sophia is a child and children are, as a rule, particularly annoying. :)

          I am not sure about ‘more fans’ since I struggle keeping in touch with the friends I already have, and less is more for me.. but it is nice to be on an exclusive list. :) Your blog is on mine, as well.
          I was looking through my reader and it informed me I follow nearly 100 blogs! In reality, I only read 20 or so.. I should get myself to edit the list.

          1. 20, I seem to be getting around 80-100 blogs as regulars. it’s time consuming but fun to catch up when I do. Ah the joys of having a semi popular blog.

            1. Then, we’re both satisfied with our levels of ‘popularity’… Although, I believe you wouldn’t mind having even more readers and a very popular blog. I am of an opinion that it is very likely to grow into one. Especially if you continue to write more about the book-related themes, issues, discussions etc..

              1. I hope it does, my confidence is growing and I have a great base of regulars and would like to push myself to doing some different things as well and if that garnered more readers then I would be happy. books have given me so much.

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