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The Words

A couple of days ago, while browsing Twitter, I stumbled upon three books whose covers and titles got me immediately interested.

I won’t write about the covers. Nor about the titles themselves. But about the words in the titles.

I came to a realization that there are some dozen words to which I am unreservedly, invariably drawn to. They pull me like gravity.. Have I caught but a glimpse of one of these words in the title of some book I am immediately there, reaching for it, picking it up, without exception.


Writing these words down and seeing them one besides the other I get a strange feeling I can not exactly express. Because I am not sure I know what the feeling is.

I am looking at my affinity towards the coldness. This affinity is absolutely not a surprise – I have known about it, of course. Still, seeing it black on white is like looking at myself from the outside; which again, is not something new – I see myself this way very often, if not always. But, something is different. Like, these are the outlines of my being. A sketch of a character. I have no idea… I am just throwing the words out, therefore I will stop.

Also, thinking further about the words I am drawn to, I realized there are some names of the colors that would interest me in a title more than others – BLACK. BLUE. WHITE.

Then, I also have an inclination towards the names of certain months – NOVEMBER. MARCH. APRIL. MAY. It is highly unlikely I would feel compelled to immediately reach for a book with February in the title.


I definitely need to do some more thinking on this subject.

In any case, it was an interesting thought, fun to ponder.. and it would only be right to make a note of the books that inspired this little list. Looking very much forward to reading:





4 thoughts on “The Words

  1. That’s an interesting observation…. for me, the words that would usually do the trick are probably SOLITUDE, ALONE, TIME, LOST, MEMORY, BOOK, JOURNAL, DIARY, LETTERS, PARIS, GARDEN, WINTER, WIND, NIGHT, ….. :)
    February is one of my favourite months (for the obvious reason that it’s my birthday month :p) so I would be compelled to reach out for a book with it in the title, I guess. It’s rare to find one with it, though. I can only recall one that I have read, ‘February Flowers’ by Fan Wu. It had a lovely cover to match the title, too (the earlier edition that is, not the later one with the lady’s head!) :p
    And somehow, I seldom go for books with animals in the title, except larks and seagulls maybe, or nightingale. :)
    But I most definitely have an aversion to titles with the word ‘serpent’ in it, unlike you.
    Having said that though, of the three books that inspired your post, I find the Essex Serpent having the most attractive cover design. In fact, I find the cover so appealing that it seems to even override my aversion to the word. :p

    1. Yes – DIARY, JOURNAL, TIME do it for me, too..
      MELANCHOLY is a beautiful sounding word as well..

      As for the animals.. I am not particularly drawn to animal names in titles but some have more chance than the rest and those are the above named ones.. :)
      And, also, I just couldn’t resist to see what ‘The Hedgehog, the Fox and the Magister’s Pox’ is about.. Or ‘The Elegance of a Hegdehog’.. So, I obviously forgot to mention HEDGEHOG in a post..

      I own one book with February in a title. I haven’t read it yet. It’s Hans Gunnarson’s ‘Februari’ – a collection of novellas :)

  2. Great post! Words are fascinating, book, library, forest and sea would be in my list as well as lighthouse, castle and labyrinth, that’s just off the top of my head of course. I also love book covers with books on them, I am a sucker for that too. Thought provoking as ever my friend.

  3. Yes, LIGHTHOUSE is definitely an appealing word.. CASTLE, LABYRINTH as well, yes.. :)
    Book covers with books on them – yes, they mostly do the trick for me too. But, I regularly fall for stylized leaves, twigs, flowers, trees.. Those kind of things I just can’t resist.

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