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New Kids On the Block

I find it difficult to come back to the blog every time a harsh break in writing happens. It’s even harder this time because I haven’t read a single book for almost five weeks now. I feel completely disconnected. Indifferent. The thought of abandoning this space doesn’t disturb me at all.

Current feelings aside (for they shouldn’t be acted upon), in order to make the comeback easier, I am just going to note this year’s purchases. All of the books were bought at, the delightful, recently found bookshop, and all of them were written by the authors I’ve never read before.

A bunch of joy that awaits me:


  • The Light Years. Elizabeth Jane Howard
  • Prodigal Summer. Barbara Kingsolver
  • Lucia in London. E.F. Benson
  • Playing Sardines. Michèle Roberts
  • Juggling. Barbara Trapido





  • The Awakening. Kate Chopin
  • Undue Influence. Anita Brookner
  • Time and Tide. Edna O’Brien
  • The Conversations at Curlow Creek. David Malouf
  • Singular Rebellion. Saiichi Maruya





9 thoughts on “New Kids On the Block

  1. Looks like your new favourite bookshop is turning out to be quite a good hunting ground for you. Playing Sardines is such an adorable title! :D
    Hope you get to find some time now to enjoy your new ‘kids’. :)

    1. You are quite right!
      At the moment, their stock is almost near depletion, but, as I’ve been informed, they are waiting for a large shipment of used books and Wordsworths. So, that’s something to look forward to…

      A quite unusual sort of a title. :) I bought it because of the recommendations I’ve read on the back side.
      I am planning to read Trapido, but, hopefully, I will get to some of the rest of these as well – Chopin, Roberts, Brookner, Howard, O’Brien…

      1. I suppose you were a major reason for their stock depletion? :p (hahaha!) Good to know you will have more goodies to look forward to once the new stock arrives.
        The Chopin is on my list of to read, too.

        1. I’ve been an ardent collaborator, yes, but not the major one, I am afraid.
          I was surprised, the last time I went to the shop, to see those half empty shelves. I supposed they threw out, sent back the books that have been on the stock for too long, unsold. But, they said they sold them. If it’s true, then it was probably a library, an organisation (or a similar party) who bought them.

          Great! We will exchange our insights and impressions, then. :)

  2. I haven’t read any of these but I hear the Kingsolver is very good. It is always a challenge to come back after time away from blogging but your loyal readers are glad that you do my friend and we would miss you, were you to ever leave.

    1. Yes, I heard so too. I intend to get to her this year. Chopin and Roberts as well..

      And I am sure I would miss you all, this small community of fellow readers.. That’s why I am not leaving! Thank you for your kind words, Ste.

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