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Women in Translation Month

Drafts are piling up. At the moment, there are six of them, all in different stages of writing/editing. One of them is just a sentence long…

I’ve been away from the blog and the community for more than ten weeks now, and it’s harder than ever to come back to it. The plans and schedules for regular posting and reading/commenting on other people’s posts fell short. They started wilting as soon as I put them on paper.

I will obviously need more time before properly returning to blogging, but, in the meantime, since it’s August, I would like to try my best and take part in reading women writers in translation. I picked four books off of the shelf:

Mr Darwin’s Gardener. Kristina Carlson

Berlin lies in the East. Nellja Veremej

The Ant Heap. Margit Kaffka

The Vagabond. Colette


To manage at least two of these would be an achievement!


5 thoughts on “Women in Translation Month

  1. Once again you choose books I have never heard of, I shall bounce around to Amazon now to read up on them. I had about six weeks off from blogging and it is a challenge to get back into it but worth it. I miss your words!

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