Why this blog

Initially, my thoughts on books and book related things had their home within the thick black covers of a notebook. Unfortunately, I lack discipline when it comes to note taking which leads to forgetting what I’ve read and what my impressions and comments were.

In order to make notebook entries more regular I decided to make them public. The premise is that publicity would enhance my sense of commitment.. So, dear potential readers, thank you very much for obliging me – I hope you’ll find some use of these entries, too.

I have to note that my close friend Nesi provided an additional motive for making my notebook public. She moved away to Germany. This is a way to put an extra smile on her dear face.


Here’s who I am:

  • (first and foremost) a reader
  • a stoic (I admit that maintaining this philosophy is getting a bit challenging)
  • an introvert (more and more so as I grow older)
  • someone who enjoys nature tremendously (temperate coniferous forests being my favorite)
  • (unfortunately) not a botanist, nor an astrophysicist, nor a mathematician (I also do not play violin.)



6 thoughts on “Why this blog

  1. Hey, as you know I have spent time on your blog. I liked what I saw and I like what I see. Naturally, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award and would appreciate your acceptance.

    If you’d rather not, do not give it a second thought. It is not terribly serious, but it is a good way for you to link to people you read. Thus providing me with more people to read.


    The rules are reasonably simple. You write 11 facts about yourself. Nominate 11 more people and answer my 11 questions.

    1. Well, this came as a surprise… On one side I’m very glad for the nomination, on the other I’m displeased with the amount of work it demands (because writing is never easy for me).. But, since I appreciate your blog and your appreciativeness I choose to play the game. Thank you for the nomination!

      I will have a post on it in a couple of days..

  2. Anna, I see from one of your posts that you are from Bosnia. Would you be interested in doing a guest post on my blog about literature from that country. It’s for a series called The View from Here……

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